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Created for the TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam 2015 where the theme for this game jam was, "United by fate".

This is a Film Noir style visual novel, with anime style characters. My focus has been placed on the storytelling aspect, rather than dynamic gameplay elements.

Typically, Film Noir takes place in 1940s America, featuring mobsters, corrupt cops and devious beauties. My visual novel take on it is no different. I once heard that a Noir could be described as a story involving:

"A dame with a past, and a hero with no future"

This idea that no matter how hard the hero character tries, he can't escape the fact that he'll be used, abused and abandoned; That he's a pawn in everyone else's game; That we witness the story unfold from the viewpoint of the person who knows the least and can advance the story the least. The story often seems to progress in spite of the hero, rather than because of him.

This idea that all these disparate people are united solely by this private eye, that as minor a player as he is, he's the sole binding factor.

I'm rambling.

I'm not an artist. I'm not a music creator. I'm not a coder. But I'm convinced I've a story in me. And this might be the way I get it out of me.

Install instructions

If you encounter any problems with the background image not displaying, exit out of the game and restart; I think it's a problem with cacheing? I don't think it's something I've done wrong, but then, it's not a problem I've seen reported anywhere.


TyranoNoir.zip 81 MB

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